Monday, October 27, 2014


I am the worst daughter ever. I forgot my notes from general conference agian!! I'm just going to take a picture of the notes I took from my favorite talks and I'll send that to you. It's super lame, I know, but I know that it's the only way to make sure it happens.

I realized that I haven't been telling you when our investigators get baptized! So I'll tell you right now. So O, I, M, A, Y, and L all got baptized. They're all still active except one and they are so incredible. I isn't coming to church because she lives in a far away village.

Investigators: We have 6 investigators right now. None of them came to church yesterday which was really disheartening. But we're not getting down on ourselves. We both know this transfer has a lot in store for us and Charentsavan.

Weather: It is getting so NIPPY here! I've already broken out my heaving winter coat and mittens and gloves!

I'm really sorry that this letter is really short this week but I really needed to write Em. That was really important to me. I think about her often and really miss her.

I love you momma!

Trip to Sevan

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Fall


Favor: Will you send me some recipes. Just simple ones. Breakfast ones, dinner ones, a few pastry ones. Ones that are easy to make. Just if you have time. Thanks!

So Halloween is not celebrated here. I'm really sad about it because I love Halloween.

Transfers: Transfers went really smoothly. A lot of my best friends in the mission were in the group going home so it was hard saying goodbye. I'm staying in Charentsavan again. I'm really happy. I've grown to love it here. My new companion is Sister M from my MTC group! Do you remember her? She's the one that we watched her opening her call before I got into the MTC. The one that was really loud, and excited? Haha I hope you remember. I LOVE HER. She is the most pure, sweet person ever. We have already had such a blast together. We have huge goals and lots of expectations for this transfer! We are both really excited to work hard and be successful!

Most spiritual moment: The elders and us went after church to our investigators house. Her little daughter is super sick and we offered her a priesthood blessing. We are all pretty new in the mission (Sister M and I are in the same group and The elders are both new) and so it was a little rusty. I listened nervously as the new elders tried to explain about the priesthood power and the blessing they were about to perform. I looked up at her to see how she was taking it all in since we had only ever met with her twice before. She was listening intently. One of the elders asked her if she had faith that her child would get better. She sincerely replied that she did. From the moment we walked into her house the child was hysterical because of how sick she was. But as soon as the elders laid their hands on her head she stopped. She hiccuped a little bit like children do after they have be crying. The blessing was in broken Armenian with stuttering and mispronounced words but the spirit was beyond powerful. After the blessing the child tried reaching out to me. My heart melted. We all left on cloud 9 I think.

I love you all!

Love, Mads
Fall in Charentsavan

Fall carving

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



You asked about how I've been studying the Atonement. I have just been reading about it in Jesus The Christ, True To The Faith, The Bible dictionary, the different accounts of it written in the end of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I've been looking at modern day talks as well. At the beginning of my studies I have been praying for the spirit to be with me so that I may better apply it to my life, so that I may better feel of his love, and that I may feel of the enabling and cleasing power of it.

​We're about to have transfers!!!! It is a huge deal here just because our transfers are 3 months long where in other missions transfers are only 6 weeks. So it's going to be a huge change! We have 17 missionaries leaving and 16 coming in. For the small size of the Armenian mission, that is a lot of missionaries. Transfers are this Friday.

L is still getting baptized this Wednesday! She is just as amazing as ever. She is SO ready for baptism.
One of our members though has been stalking her and wants to marry her so our Branch President is trying to get him to stay away from her. It's really sad because she is just a single older lady living all alone and she is afraid because this guy keeps trying to like climb in her window and stuff. I'm just glad he hasn't scared her away from the church. Honestly that says a lot about her testimony already because if it were me I would stay far away from any place that had my stalker.

Conference: I totally forgot to bring my notes today! I had so many thoughts that I wanted to share! So I'll do my best to remember all the things I wanted to rave about. Well now that I'm trying to think of what to say, I really do just need my notes. But I do love how much everyone talked about loving and sustaining the prophets. We all get so caught up in the world worrying about not offending other people. Which we should do our best to keep peace. But we should fear God, not man.
Man, I am so sorry. This is all this week that I have to say about conference. I promise next week I will bring my notes because I have a lot to say about this October's amazing conference. Also, I loved seeing Christian in the choir for the Priesthood session. What a stud.

To my family members: Will you prayerfully read the Book of Mormon? Again?

There really is not a lot to write about this week. But with transfers this week I can promise that there will be a lot to write about next week.
I have a testimony of this Church. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to listen to the words of our prophets this week. What a blessing that is. I love my Saviour. I love my family. I love Armenians.

Longer letter later,
Sister Kuykendall

So for the whole transfer Sister B and I have been in charge of our branch FHE every week because the elders kept forgetting and other things...(We still love them). This last week they finally promised that they would do it but then flaked again. So we got stuck with it again. Hence the following two pictures. Gata is an Armenian pastry.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Char life

Hello momma!

This week has been great! Our only investigator right now is L. I mentioned her in last weeks e-mail. I'm not really sure what to say about her except for if there ever was a perfect investigator, she'd be it. She has really dived into the BOM and reads from the Ensigns everyday. She reads all of the pamphlets we give her from cover to cover and the teaches US what she learned. So pretty much we're not even teaching her because she is just doing everything herself. She's just perfect. She is so excited to be baptized and has a sincere desire to follow Christ. She will be baptize on the 15th of October. She'll be gone in Yerevan all of this week which is a bit stressful because we still have a few lessons and her interview to do all before her baptism.

I've been studying the Atonement... again. I've been reading in Luke in the New Testament. For me nothing brings the spirit quicker than reading about my Savior's everlasting Atonement. It's one of my favorite things to study.

Our investigator couple A and Y got baptized on Friday and received the Holy Ghost yesterday. Their baptismal service was beautiful and the spirit was so strong. They are absolutely the cutest couple. They both bore beautiful testimonies in church yesterday and I just cried like a baby. They are so incredible. Y (the husband) is incredible for this reason: A few minutes after he received the Holy Ghost one of the elders' new investigators (just a super adorable, old man) walked in and was just standing nervously in the back. Y got up, walked over to him, took his arm in his and sat him down next to him and his family. It was beautiful.

Well, really we are just doing a lot of finding lately because L is our only investigator. But I'm absolutely loving the Char life ;)

I love you so much!!!!
love, Sister K (the 2nd)