Monday, July 27, 2015


We made cupcakes this week and ate all of them.

Sister K curled my hair. :) It took a lot to convince me but it turned out pretty alright.

My companion is my best friend. I love her so much. We work so well together. She's amazing.

We found a less active mom and daughter and have been visiting them a lot. We've all fallen in love and they have been coming to church every week! They brought a friend to church yesterday who is a new investigator now and are bringing some friends to FHE tonight. :) Sweet!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Month of miracles

This week was truly amazing to go right along with last week. We have been blessed so much in finding these past few weeks. We have found so many willing to listen to our message. We met most of our goals and surpassed a few of them. Yesterday morning as we were calling people to remind them about church we got really discouraged. Everyone that we called either said that they weren't coming or they just didn't answer. We were so sad and went to church ready to see just a few members. But we needed to have more faith in the Lord. The Lord blessed us with lots of our investigators at church. I don't know what happened really. All I know is that we had a miracle at church.

V came with us to one of the most amazing baptisms we had ever been to. She loved it. Afterwards we were talking with her and Mission President and we were all teasing her about putting her white clothes on so we could dunk her. She looked at us and said, "I actually want to be baptized on August 22". We all just kind of freaked out. We were so happy. But then she expressed the issue that she had been holding back the entire time. Which was that her step-dad might not let her be baptized. So after church yesterday V and the 2 of us went in a secluded corner and she said a little prayer asking that He soften her step-dad's heart so that she could be baptized on the 22 of August. We were really nervous but we assured her that it was in the Lord's hands and that He would take care of her. She called us that night bearing good news. :) He said yes! SO the moment we've all been waiting for.... V is getting baptized!!

We have a lot of great investigators right now. I can't tell you about all of them. But they were all put in our path and we feel so blessed to have so many willing to listen to our message. My prayers have turned from asking the Lord to put people in our path to asking that the Lord help me remember the names of all the people we are teaching. I cannot describe how blessed I feel. It's amazing to me.
Armenian sunset

Beating wool

And, Armenia has the cutest graffiti :)

Monday, July 13, 2015


On one Sunday in July every year Armenia has a water day. It is actually called Varda Var....which has some meaning that I am not actually fully clear on but I explained it some in last years e-mail about Vardavar. So everyone just waters everyone. Like they carry around water buckets, bottles, guns, and squirters and just wet you. IT IS THE BEST. Sister K and I may or may not have carried around water guns the whole day. We had them in our bags until there was a need of course. Anyway.....we got so wet. Like I think I got more wet than if I had jumped in a pool. Before church we didn't get it too bad but when we were walking out the youth were ready with sacrament cups to throw them at us. LITTLE DID THEY KNOW we had something up our sleeve-in our bag. haha. We got them so good. hahahaha. But then they got us with cups. Anyways. it was great. So I thought that was it....HAHA. No. So we are walking away from the church and this guy is watering the floor (don't ask) this little kid takes the hose and just starts spraying us. OKAY! Things like that happened all the way home. People from their cars would spray us with water...people up in their balcony's dropped buckets on us...also all the boys just dumped bucket after bucket on us while walking home. Honestly it was probably one of the most favorite things of my life. I guess we were setting our selves up for it because we had guns. It was probably a really funny sight to see these American girls walking around drenched holding guns. They definitely used that to an advantage. OH. Also We made it a goal to spray all the ones who were smoking. We asked around before if it was allowed, like we asked smokers and they said it would be funny. So we did. They got mad. We got excited. Also we saved them from dying that much more. Well we got soaked. I thinked I changed twice yesterday. So there is that. Also we have a balcony and just had a few buckets ready to drop on people. We got like 10. It was fab. Can we bring this to America?

V: We weren't able to meet with her at all last week. That was really rough. But she still reads every day and prays morning and night. She's perfect. I say that every week. But she really is.

Miracle Goals: We made some high goals together last week. We were a little nervous but wanted to really push ourselves. We did not make all of our goals but we met most of them and surpassed a few of them. I was sitting in sacrament, looking around at all our investigators that braved the water day to come to church and I started to cry. The Lord gave me a little pick-me-up. He loves me.

Also, our taxi driver bought us flowers and had ABBA playing in his car so we had a party!

I love you all!

Friday, July 10, 2015

ոնց եք դիմանում այս շոգին:‏

This week was such a good week!
We had Mission leadership council. I was really nervous. But it went so well that the 6 hours seemed to fly by. We talked a lot about how we can improve as a mission and overall I really feel like I was able to get a lot of guidance and inspiration that I was searching for.

We were walking home and we saw a cute little family out side our building. We starting talking in a cute little baby voice to the little boy saying how cute he was. But then he just started talking like crazy! being so sassy! He spoke like a sassy 10 year old not a 2 year old! When he was apparently done talking with us he just looked at us and said, "De, gnatseq tun." Translated: "Well, go home."

We've been eating the mac n' cheese that you sent me. HEAVEN

V is still amazing. She called us on Saturday to remind us that we were all fasting together starting at 6 Saturday night until 6 Sunday night.
She is in the middle of 2nd Nephi.
Her brother just left for the army and she wont see him for 2 years. He was assigned to the most dangerous place available. We called her to see how she felt. Her voice was shaky as she said, "It's according to God's will, right?"
Something is still holding her back from being baptized. She's 100 percent ready. She just doesn't believe she's ready. She said that she would for sure be baptized, just not until a week before I leave. Please pray for her and for us.

Also, Happy 4th!!!!!
Love, Sister Kuyks

Mac and cheese from home!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


by bullet points

-I'm staying in Center.

-I have an awesome new companion that I've wanted to serve with my entire mission.

-I've been called as a Sister Training Leader.

-40 degrees Celsius and up. waaaa

-Investigator V is still the most amazing investigator in the entire world. We asked her to be baptized again and she said she was just scared that her family wouldn't allow it. Her mom walked in (her mom listens to all the lessons, but pretends that she doesn't) and we asked her how she felt about her daughter getting baptized. She started crying. After about a minute she said she wanted her daughter to be baptized. Then V started to cry. They're perfect. She's still scared though for some reason. She said that she wants to finish reading the BOM before she gets baptized. We told her that that was great but that it wasn't necessary for her to read the entire thing to know that it was true. She promised that she would be baptized before I leave. Her brother is just as amazing as she is but he leaves for the army in 4 days. We're heartbroken. God be with him.

-Today is my companion's birthday. She's the cutest. She's Armenian. She's actually American but her dad is Armenian. What a blessing for her to be called here to this mission. I've already learned so much from her.

We all know it so I'll just say it. I have less than 3 months left. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I feel a little bit of panic. Sometimes when I remember that I only have 3 months left I start to feel really anxious. But then when I don't think about it I feel really good. So I usually don't think about it. It's such a blessing to me that I have a companion that likes to work hard with me. It makes things so much more fun and so much easier. These last 3 months are about to be the best so far.

I love that I am here in Armenia. I love these people so much that I just want to shake them when they reject this amazing message. I love all of their quirky Armenian things. I love that they water their sidewalks. I love that they always kiss your cheek. I love that there is no personal space here. I love I love I love. So many things here are so different that you can't even imagine. It's like a different country or something... ;) But really, I have started to forget what the culture is in the US. I will not be normal when I get back.

I love you and I love these people.
Love, Mads

A way cool view of Yerevan from a gyugh we went to.