Thursday, July 2, 2015


by bullet points

-I'm staying in Center.

-I have an awesome new companion that I've wanted to serve with my entire mission.

-I've been called as a Sister Training Leader.

-40 degrees Celsius and up. waaaa

-Investigator V is still the most amazing investigator in the entire world. We asked her to be baptized again and she said she was just scared that her family wouldn't allow it. Her mom walked in (her mom listens to all the lessons, but pretends that she doesn't) and we asked her how she felt about her daughter getting baptized. She started crying. After about a minute she said she wanted her daughter to be baptized. Then V started to cry. They're perfect. She's still scared though for some reason. She said that she wants to finish reading the BOM before she gets baptized. We told her that that was great but that it wasn't necessary for her to read the entire thing to know that it was true. She promised that she would be baptized before I leave. Her brother is just as amazing as she is but he leaves for the army in 4 days. We're heartbroken. God be with him.

-Today is my companion's birthday. She's the cutest. She's Armenian. She's actually American but her dad is Armenian. What a blessing for her to be called here to this mission. I've already learned so much from her.

We all know it so I'll just say it. I have less than 3 months left. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I feel a little bit of panic. Sometimes when I remember that I only have 3 months left I start to feel really anxious. But then when I don't think about it I feel really good. So I usually don't think about it. It's such a blessing to me that I have a companion that likes to work hard with me. It makes things so much more fun and so much easier. These last 3 months are about to be the best so far.

I love that I am here in Armenia. I love these people so much that I just want to shake them when they reject this amazing message. I love all of their quirky Armenian things. I love that they water their sidewalks. I love that they always kiss your cheek. I love that there is no personal space here. I love I love I love. So many things here are so different that you can't even imagine. It's like a different country or something... ;) But really, I have started to forget what the culture is in the US. I will not be normal when I get back.

I love you and I love these people.
Love, Mads

A way cool view of Yerevan from a gyugh we went to.

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