Saturday, July 25, 2015

Month of miracles

This week was truly amazing to go right along with last week. We have been blessed so much in finding these past few weeks. We have found so many willing to listen to our message. We met most of our goals and surpassed a few of them. Yesterday morning as we were calling people to remind them about church we got really discouraged. Everyone that we called either said that they weren't coming or they just didn't answer. We were so sad and went to church ready to see just a few members. But we needed to have more faith in the Lord. The Lord blessed us with lots of our investigators at church. I don't know what happened really. All I know is that we had a miracle at church.

V came with us to one of the most amazing baptisms we had ever been to. She loved it. Afterwards we were talking with her and Mission President and we were all teasing her about putting her white clothes on so we could dunk her. She looked at us and said, "I actually want to be baptized on August 22". We all just kind of freaked out. We were so happy. But then she expressed the issue that she had been holding back the entire time. Which was that her step-dad might not let her be baptized. So after church yesterday V and the 2 of us went in a secluded corner and she said a little prayer asking that He soften her step-dad's heart so that she could be baptized on the 22 of August. We were really nervous but we assured her that it was in the Lord's hands and that He would take care of her. She called us that night bearing good news. :) He said yes! SO the moment we've all been waiting for.... V is getting baptized!!

We have a lot of great investigators right now. I can't tell you about all of them. But they were all put in our path and we feel so blessed to have so many willing to listen to our message. My prayers have turned from asking the Lord to put people in our path to asking that the Lord help me remember the names of all the people we are teaching. I cannot describe how blessed I feel. It's amazing to me.
Armenian sunset

Beating wool

And, Armenia has the cutest graffiti :)

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