Tuesday, August 4, 2015

story of my life

Barev Dzez Sireliners,

This week was great. I mean it was a little rough but it was great. Missions right?

I had a specially fun time with the members of our ward this week. Visiting with them is actually the best thing ever. Hearing their conversion stories, seeing the way the Gospel has changed their lives really makes me so grateful to be here and to be a member of this church. We are so lucky!

Our 2nd counselor is hilarious. He is a Syrian Armenian so he speaks really broken Armenian. For example he said to us "չէ դուք չեք cleaning." I love it.

I love my companion. She keeps me sane. With lots of stressful things going on in the branch right now right before I go home, it's nice to know I'm leaving it all in good hands.

Also, again we found 7 investigators this week. I feel like God has this recipe and he just keeps throwing things into the mix and we don't know how it is going to taste or anything but we hope that it comes out okay! and by that I feel that we are a little stressed about it....but recently we have just begun to thank more than to worry. And I have seen a big difference because of that. I really do have a testimony that when we have faith to get things done and that faith is centered in Christ we literally can do anything, we just need to ask in faith!!

One day we were at home and one of our members called us. Her name means sweet in english and she is the sweetest. She called and said something like, "I came to the park and just sat down. They are playing spanish music and I was thinking if you haven't gone to an appointment can you come?" So we went and we sat with her in the park and we sang/danced to that spanish music. It was probably one of my favorite things. But that was not all! So it is pretty shameful to sit on the floor in Armenia. Like on a street, in a house, on a side walk....i don't know but I sat down on the ground. Sister K joined me and then A was just staring at us amazed. "what are you doing?! I cannot believe you just sat down!!!" it was hilarious. then we tried convincing her to sit down with us. she stared at us then at the ground then at people around and then at us again. FInally she looks at us and says "should I sit too?" YES YES YES YOU SHOULD. So she sat. ahhhh!!! she sat! and she was laughing so hard! Then she said to us "this is the first time in my life that I have sat on the floor." and seriously it was just so cute haha! People were just staring! ahh! she is the sweetest.

I love these chapters in Alma. President talked about them in our leadership meeting this past week. Alma 20-22. It is all about missionary work really. I would encourage you to read it! also....conversion. how converted to the gospel are we? something that I am thinking about this week.

This week we have seen so many of our members while on transport or on the street. I was so happy that I got to see so many in one week!

de lav.