Friday, July 10, 2015

ոնց եք դիմանում այս շոգին:‏

This week was such a good week!
We had Mission leadership council. I was really nervous. But it went so well that the 6 hours seemed to fly by. We talked a lot about how we can improve as a mission and overall I really feel like I was able to get a lot of guidance and inspiration that I was searching for.

We were walking home and we saw a cute little family out side our building. We starting talking in a cute little baby voice to the little boy saying how cute he was. But then he just started talking like crazy! being so sassy! He spoke like a sassy 10 year old not a 2 year old! When he was apparently done talking with us he just looked at us and said, "De, gnatseq tun." Translated: "Well, go home."

We've been eating the mac n' cheese that you sent me. HEAVEN

V is still amazing. She called us on Saturday to remind us that we were all fasting together starting at 6 Saturday night until 6 Sunday night.
She is in the middle of 2nd Nephi.
Her brother just left for the army and she wont see him for 2 years. He was assigned to the most dangerous place available. We called her to see how she felt. Her voice was shaky as she said, "It's according to God's will, right?"
Something is still holding her back from being baptized. She's 100 percent ready. She just doesn't believe she's ready. She said that she would for sure be baptized, just not until a week before I leave. Please pray for her and for us.

Also, Happy 4th!!!!!
Love, Sister Kuyks

Mac and cheese from home!

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