Monday, September 7, 2015

V was baptized!!!

Armenians use bags for EVERYTHING. You cannot leave the house carrying something unless it's in a bag of some sort. And it's super cute because they always try and find cute grocery bags to put them in because no one can afford an actual cute bag. So Armenians are just always seen carrying plastic grocery bags.
We have an adorable neighbor tatik. She loves us so much. She always knocks on our door to ask why we got in so late or to remind us that there won't be water that day or just because she's lonely. We visit her once a week. I wish I could explain her. It's adorable.
Now for the real story: So remember in the last package you sent me, you sent one of those really cute whole foods bags? Well to be quite honest I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it. It just sat on my desk all cute for a little bit. But one day I had this great idea of giving it to tatik so that she wouldn't have to use a plastic bag anymore! Brilliant right? Well she literally uses it for everything now. She LOVES it. :)

Last week V was baptized!!! I can't even begin to describe it. She planned the baptism herself because she wanted it to be perfect. She was so cute. She showed up in a modest dress and was squeezing my hand the entire time. The spirit there was absolutely incredible. After she came out of the water and we went in the dressing room to help her change, she kept hugging us and saying, "Girls, am I baptized??" "I don't believe it!" "I'm going on a mission now right?" The whole service was full of tears. It was incredible. Also mom, don't be mad but I gave her all of my clothes pretty much. She just really needed them. She was SO excited though. I think you'd be really happy. I'll show you pictures when I get home. :)

So we hiked Mt. Aragats last week. It's the tallest mountain in Armenia. Cool right? And we hiked it to the top. And I hiked it easier than I thought I would! Climbing our 5 flights of stairs to our apartment is way harder still. Why is that? Well, it was a super cool experience. I have pictures for you to see when I get home. I can't send them because they all have other people in them. :(

I love you so much!
love, Mads

Armenian housework :)

Flower gift

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