Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First MTC e-mail!

Hi momma!

I love the MTC. Period. although not much has really happened. But I am really happy. My companion is Sister Thueson and she is so super. Like I just really love her. We get along splendidly and we are so similar. She is super skinny but she's a couple inches taller than me. She is from Highland Utah. She is so funny and always smiling! We will be best friends in no time. I was assigned Sr. Companion last night. Oh my goodness! Last night while i was showering, Everyone was singing hymns in the showers! It was so cute! We had a meeting with the Branch presidency meeting last night. They are nice but not like Bishop Summers. But no one is so I'm not too disappointed. The language is..... slow coming. I got frustrated yesterday in class and just broke down and cried. But I pulled myself together quickly. I love my language teachers! They are so cute.

Sister is actually pronounced Queer with the r rolled. And I can say "hello, how are you? my name is Sister Kuykendall. what is your name?" its a little rough but i'll get it. The first day in the MTC they only speak to you in Armenian. So the rumors were true. It was really cool though. I'm more worried about learning the doctrine and learning how to teach than i am about learning the language. I'm kind of super stressed about that. But i know with your prayers and mine i will be fine.

So the food is gross. but its okay ive just been living off water and cold cereal. which i'm okay with. Its better than the mystery meat. I'm having a hard time thinking of other things to tell you.

A lady that works at the MTC found my companion and recognized her and found out that she knew her uncle. She then introduced me to her and she asked where i was from and i told her i was from bountiful. She asked if i knew the Pitts! i told her i did and that my grandma was good friends with them! she said, "Oh well let me take a cute picture of you too and i'll send it to your grandma!" so that should be getting to grandma soon!

I loved getting this email from you! I miss you but i'm not home sick. I cant believe you had to put chains on the tires and STILL spun out! that is SO scary! i'm so glad you were safe! i prayed for you so hard to drive safe and know Heavenly Father answered my prayers.

I will continue praying for you. I do every day and night. I hope you're happy. If you could pray that i will have the gift of tongues and learn the language quickly along with the doctrine and teaching of the doctrine I know that i will be blessed with those things. 2 prayers are more powerful than one! :) I also cant remember where i put my temple recommend. I know i at least got it out of grandmas house but i cant remember what i did with it after that. so it could be in her car or it could be hiding in my luggage somewhere. So hopefully i find it. I also left my debit card at grandma's so i'll have to email her if i have time to see if she can send me that and look for my recommend. My Pday is Wednesday just so you know. But it was today just for this week. I'm going to go get my mail! So hopefully i have some!!! :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMA. YOU ARE MY HERO. Talk to you soon! Love, Mads

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