Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two weeks

Hi friends and family,

Unfortunately, I only have a few minutes so this will be short. These past 2 weeks have been great!!! We have investigators almost nightly that we have to teach - in Armenian. memorized. It's so hard!! but soo rewarding! i love the mtc. you'll get sick of me saying that, i promise. i also promise that you'll get sick of me saying how much i have learned to absolutely love this gospel. My testimony has grown more within the past 2 weeks than it has from the time i knew i had one. I have to tell everyone something SO funny. (we laugh more here than i ever have, everything is so funny) So it was about 3 in the morning and we're all sleeping, of course. We always sleep with the window open because our residence is so bloody hot. And i wake up to this awful noise. I kind of lay in bed for a minute trying to figure out what it is and whether i was dreaming or not. It sounded a little like a goose in distress. It was so ugly. So when it continued to get louder and louder i like shot up in bed at the same time that my roomates did. everyone was like "what is that??" so i look out the window and there are these 2 cats chasing eachother up this tree right outside our window(keep in mind we are 4 stories up) and screaming and growling and making hideous noises at eachother. and it went on for a good 3 or 4 minutes. it wasn't funny at the time, it was just plain frightening. but its hilarious now. SO FUNNY. Mom probably wont like that i am admitting this in the group email, but there are SO many attractive elders here. I dont understand it. Maybe they only accept attractive missionary applications or something. either that or i already have missionary goggles on. Anyway, thats not important, but i can just think of a few people that would appreciate that. Also, the language is coming faster than i thought. Its hard, so so hard, but i definitely see the Lord's hand in my life right now. I would not be as far into the language as i am now with out him. So i'm in the missionary choir and we MIGHT get chosen to sing in conference but we'll see. Every one look up dear elder. :) its the best ever. and then the last thing that i can think of that is new is another super funny story. My companion was sitting next to an elder in the computer lab during language study. she reached over to grab her flashcards without looking and accidentally grabbed his hand! We are all super close so it wouldn't have been weird if we weren't in the MTC but they both ripped their hands away with horrified faces. It was the funniest thing ever! So now you know that missionary humor and missionary goggles are a real thing. I love you all so much! and i hope you all know how much i love this gospel and how much i love my savior and what he sacrificed for me. i have strong testimony of these things and it is only getting stronger! stay cool everyone, i love you all. dont forget to write!! ;) love, Sister Kuykendall

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