Monday, April 7, 2014

Three Weeks!

Friends and family,

The MTC has the same schedule from day to day so I have a bit of a hard time thinking of new things to tell you. So I decided I would break it up into sections for you.

Funny things: So a few nights ago it was pretty late and everyone was getting ready for bed (around 9:45) when the fire alarm went off! I was just about to get in the shower so I kind of freaked out and ran in circles around the room for about 30 seconds just trying to decide what to do. You know like deciding if you'd rather be in a town while your house burns down or just leave all of your favorite stuff like your bag of hot cheetos or favorite lipstick that you(i) can't live without. Eventually, I frantically put my grandma's pj's on (they really are grandmas) and we all ran out screaming! So apparently I wasn't the only one who had those same thoughts because half the girls were in robes and bare feet, mid-shower, and the other half had piles of their most precious things in their arms. So we're all just outside shivering while the fire people go in to inspect. Anyway, to wrap it up, someone just burnt their popcorn and so it was really lame. So we're all okay, we just all smell like burnt popcorn now.

Another funny thing: So we have converts to the church that walk around the MTC and you can ask if you can teach them as if they were investigators. And one of them is George. George walks around slowly because he has a prosthetic leg. (He lost his leg in the war.) As we walked past him walking ever so slowly up some stairs one of the girls in my district, trying to be friendly, asks him what he's doing. To which he replies,"just doing my excercise." She then proceeded to tell him," Oh that's cool! We were just exercising too except we were running!" We all look at her just absolutely horrified!!! As soon as we were past him she turned bright red and said, "i didnt even think about what I was saying! im the worst!!!" She was so embarrassed!
Spiritual things: There hasn't been any particular thing but I have just felt the spirit so strongly lately. My favorite part of the day is personal study hour where you get to just read the scriptures for an hour! Just read and ponder and search anything you want! It is so awesome! I can't exactly explain what it's like but I do invite each of you to do your own personal study. You love it i promise. But you have to go into it with the attitude that you'll love it or else you won't. Pick a story in the BOM and read it, ponder it, treasure it. In fact I want you all to go read Ether 12. The whole thing. And if you don't love it as much as I did then read it again until you do! The scriptures are so full of amazing stories, it baffles me that I ever complained about reading them! Pray beforehand the the Holy Spirit will be with you and help you appreciate and understand the things that you read. Because he will.

The spirit is so strong here and I am just amazed everyday at how much He loves all of us. It's so wild but so so true. He has made a MASSIVE universe with trillions of galaxies and stars, He has such an incredible understanding of EVERYTHING because he MADE EVERYTHING. Yet he knows you. He. Knows. You. Before you go on to read the rest of this email, let that sink in. Did you do it? Okay, well you probably weren't able to wrap your head around it because I sure can't. But it's just incredible to KNOW how much He loves each of us.

Language things: ummmmmm. well it's coming along.

Missionary things; Well when they say there are such things as missionary jokes, they weren't kidding. The things we laugh at in the MTC is nothing I would have ever found even slightly funny in the world of normal people.

But to close, I love you all so much and I am so blessed to have to support of all of you. I love what I'm doing. It's the hardest thing I have ever done. But it is the best thing I have ever done. And I'll probably continue to say that in all of my letters for the next 17 months. I love this gospel with all my heart. I love my Savior with all my heart and I know that everything in this gospel is true and more than anything I want the people of Armenia to know just what I know. This Gospel is essential. This Gospel Is Essential. And we are SO blessed to be a part of it. So do your jobs and spread the word!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!! Love, Queer Kuykendall

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