Monday, March 16, 2015

Our newest little member plus Geghard Monastery and other cool sights

This week was a slow one but a good one. We've been visiting with a lot of less/not active members lately and it has had great results. V (our 10 year old investigator) was baptized on Saturday. He is one the most elect people I've ever met. He's only 10 years old but he's more mature than most adults I've met. His parents don't come to church but he still comes and even brings his friend. His friend sits in on our lessons with us. His friend will mess around during our lessons and slouch and make silly comments because...well he's a kid. But V will tell him to sit up straight and be respectful and listen to the message. One time V started kind of chuckling in the middle of a lesson and I asked him what was funny. He immediately apologized for "being disrespectful" and said,"I don't want to interrupt the lesson. I'll tell you after." Sister F and I were both shocked. We soon learned that that's just how he is. The most amazing 10 year old you'll every meet. One meeting we noticed that he kept pulling a little bit at his eye lids. I asked him what he was doing and he shyly said that his eyelashes were too long! It was absolutely the most heart melting thing that I had ever heard. He definitely has the longest, thickest eyelashes that I've ever seen. So cute.
The first thing V asked me after his baptism was, "So, when is our next lesson?" Another heart-melt. He loves learning so much and reads from the kids BOM everyday by himself and is always so excited to tell us all about it in our next lesson. He remembers everything we teach him and even started teaching his friend on his own what he's been learning with us in our lessons. I wish I could accurately describe how elect this future leader is.

Today we went to a few really cool churches and it was a super cool experience. The churches were so beautiful.

We're again in a finding stage and we were blessed with a new family to teach this past week. We are really so blessed here in Charentsavan. Sister F and I are really happy that we were able to meet our transfer goal of 5 baptisms. 5 people brought one step closer to the house of God. The work here really is amazing and I'm so blessed to be apart of it.

I love being here serving these people by sharing my knowledge of the restored gospel. There's no where else I'd rather be and there is nothing else I'd rather be doing.

I love you,
Two soon to be slaughtered roosters :(

Cool church door - Geghard Monastery

Column at Geghard Monastery with carved cross and hewn out inscriptions

Huge pastry called gata

Temple of Garni


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