Monday, March 9, 2015

Women's Day

Dear Friends and Family,
Yesterday was a day called Women's Day. It's my new favorite holiday. Everyone just walks around saying Շնորհավոր! People give flowers AND it's a great way to spark up a conversation on the street. We definitely need a Women's Day in the states.

This past week was quite slow. We have been visiting a lot with our active members.
We have 1 investigator right now. He's 10. I think I already told you about him last week. His parents are both members but haven't been active for a few years. He came alone to church yesterday. We were sad that his parents didn't come again but we were really happy that he was brave enough to come without them. He even brought a friend! It was so cute. We haven't been able to meet with him as much as we'd like though. His baptismal date is for this Saturday but we still have quite a few lessons to do with him so we might have to push it back.

Obviously, Sister F and I have been focusing on families and finding families to teach. We have 5 potential families right now. We try to "establish a relationship" with all of them first. We're really excited to see how they work out.

I've been making an extra effort to make every single one of my prayers meaningful. I've realized lately that I am nothing without the Lord. I've read Alma 26:11-12 at least a 100 times. But I've realized that my mission has been pretty easy so far. Most of my converts have been so elect and have just found us and wanted to be baptized. But now I have to find them. I've had the easy life for so long and I think the Lord is trying to hint that I need to turn to Him more. And I sure have. I have been on my knees a lot lately. For myself, for my family, for this people. I need the Lord's help. I just wish I had included Him more even when things were running so smoothly.

I love my companion! I just don't know what I'm going to do without her when transfers come! Transfers are on April 3. I'm really sad that I'll be leaving her. She has truly become my best friend and I'm so blessed for that reason. It's amazing how much we can all learn from each other when we are willing to humble ourselves.

I know that the Lord's hand is always in our lives. Even when we feel alone. He is always just waiting for us to turn to Him. He loves us and knows each so personally. If you don't have a testimony of the personal love the Savior has for you I invite you to find that out. We will never be able to understand the extent of His love but we can come to know of our worth through His love. We just have to ask. Pray to be able to feel His love and I promise that if it is sincerely from your heart you will know.

I love you all so much. Thanks for your support and love.
-Sister Kuykendall (the only)

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