Monday, May 4, 2015

Bus blessings

Momma and everyone,

Lately we've been doing service every Saturday. We've been going to one of our members house a lot to do his garden work. It's actually been a lot of fun!
The other night we were on our way back from service and we were riding on bus 33 (a funny story for another time) and there were a couple ladies on the bus with us who were just asking us all sorts of questions and just gushing over how cute we were (it was dark). They both had a bag full of lilacs and before they got off the bus we exchanged some of their flowers for a pass a long card with our number on it. It was so great. They were so excited and told us they couldn't wait to call us. Then another lady came and sat down next to us and did the exact same thing. She gushed over us and asked for our number. She talked at us for most of the ride. As she got off the bus she gave us some candy and a few finished sketches of flowers that she had been working on. Then 2 ladies from the back of the bus came up and sat next to us and asked us where we were from. I told them that my last name was from Holland because if you tell them you're from America they get frustrated and want to know where your last name is from. It's rather confusing. Anyway, the Bus driver heard that my ancestors were from Holland and got super excited because his daughter lived in Holland. As we got off the bus and tried to hand him the bus money he refused it and told us to have a great night....We walked home with smiles on our face and arms full of lilacs.

The Lord's hand in everything: As we were again on our way to Kharbert we were waiting for the bus 33. We had waited for a while and were excited as we saw it coming but then it just blew past us! We sprinted after it to see if we could catch it at the next stop. To our disappointment we weren't able to catch it. We were a little peeved that we were going to be late for service. We waited for a while longer and caught the next 33. On the bus we met a mom and her 2 boys. She said she was amazed by our courage to come to another country and learn a different language just to serve. She looked at our family pictures and asked for our number. She was absolutely amazing. She hasn't called yet, but we're patiently waiting as it was only 2 days ago. After she got off the bus Sister B and I looked at each other and smiled. We knew we'd missed that first bus for a reason.

Our investigators V and H are doing great and are on their way to meet their baptism date. They're both so excited and so are we!

I've really noticed the Lord's hand in my life so much lately. Since I've been new to this area it's been easy to get discouraged and feel like I don't have a purpose here. But as the weeks have gone on and I've gotten to know the area/people the Lord has really been obvious in my life.
I hit my year mark in country yesterday and it absolutely blows my mind. I can't wait to make the most of the next 4 months.

I love you!!!!

PS - Can't wait to Skype this weekend for Mother's Day!!

A really pretty Gyugh outside of Kentron called Kharbert

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