Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kamats kamats


You are right about people here sounding so different than people in America. The culture couldn't be more different. But I love it.

Spiritual: So Saturday night I was informed that I would be giving a talk in church on Sunday (my birthday). I tried not to cry, I promise. But sister J told me that my testimony would be more appropriate. So I didn't sleep at all that night because I am so terrified of public speaking, especially in Armenian. I was shaking all through out the first two meetings and trying to work out an escape plan. When it came time for sacrament meeting I was calm. I was nervous but not a wreck. I walked up to the stand and bore simple testimony of the things that I know are true that are most important to me. Those things are: This gospel is true. Christ lives. I love my family. I know that I can live with them with God forever. And the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And that was it. That was my whole testimony in silly, broken Armenian. I felt a little silly, I'll admit, because the other missionaries always give such profound talks. But as I looked out over the congregation while bearing my testimony I could feel the spirit touch so many people. Tears filled so many of the members eyes and I no longer felt silly.

Before church I prayed that I would say everything right (because Armenians are ruthless and very honest and will tell you if you speak terribly and I didn't want my birthday present to be unwrapped insults). After Church a girl that speaks english very well came up to me and said, "Sister, you said everything perfectly." Even though it was a silly request, God didn't want me to be humiliated on my birthday.

Also Spiritual: The members from Alaverdi were all bussed down to go to church. These people are so poor that they can't afford transportation to church. So every so often the church pays for a marshootni to go get them. So there were sooooo many people at church!! it was so amazing!!! best birthday present ever. There was not a seat empty in the whole chapel. Such a miracle

Dog: Sister and I went and sat on a bench under a cute little arch of roses and flowers to rest after walking a mile or so to visit a less active.(she was clearly home but did not answer the door. what a stinker :) We were just sitting there talking to the member that we had brought with us having a nice time. I kind of looked over to the left a little to see a dog lying in the grass. (there are thousands of wild dogs here) I kind of studied it for a minute wondering why it looked a little funny. As a looked a little closer i could see that most of it's neck was kind of.....eaten away i guess you could say. so the dog was just dead. So we got up and went somewhere else.

Sad: We saw one of our members on the street the other day smoking. (not the first time)

Birthday: I had such a good birthday! Some of the members bought me cute little presents. Bless their hearts, they have NO money. So it was so sweet. I went home a cried.

Investigators: We have so many investigators right now!!! Yep, believe it!!! 3 of them are moving to Georgia (the country) and we are soooo sad because they are incredible. but there are missionaries where they are moving to so they'll be in good hands. Another one of our investigators was showing signs of creeperism. So we gave him to the elders to teach and then he was miraculously not interested in the church any more.. weird.

Not new: language is still killer but i'm learning. kamats kamats (little by little)

I'm sure there is much more but I always come to internet time remembering nothing.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxoxoxo Sister kuykendall

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