Monday, June 2, 2014

Gru and little miracles

Thank you momma for your sweet email. I hope you had a great week! Katie and I have been writing a lot and I just love her a lot. I miss her so much. I know England loves her so much. She's incredible. This past week was hard but I learned so much. SO MUCH.
Okay, so here we go:

What's up: So our investigator's baptismal date got moved to this week but she's kind of stuck and we might move it again. Our other investigator with a baptismal date dropped of the face of the earth apparently. But then we have this AWESOME investigator that hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet but she will. Her husband left her and her son died in the banak (army) 3 years ago so she's in great need of the gospel. And she realizes it too! Oh man, I just love her and I am so excited for her to get baptized. We also picked up two new investigators at church yesterday. So we're rockin the mission right now :)

What's funny: So yesterday we went street "teaching" (because we're not allowed to proselite). Oh. My. Heck. It was such an interesting night. So we were walking up to the church when this man sort of just ran up to us and was like, "Jesus loves you. Right? And He loves me too. God is our Father which means that we are brothers and sisters." So he pretty much just taught us the beginning of a 1st. And then as he walked away he said, "God is with you." And we both just kind of stood there not really sure what just happened and if it was even real life. Then I was just like, "We can't just let him go!" So we started to walk in the direction we saw him go but we never found him. But we deciede to keep walking. We then saw a man that we had taught a lesson to before but stopped teaching because he was….interesting. He walked up to us and just kept saying Kuy-ken-dall over and over again. Going on about how the 3 syllables of my name meant that I had to travel around Armenia in a Mercedes. He then opened my BOM and pointed to the first number he saw and said, "Oh this is so good. She'll be back by the 16th." He kept going on about it but long story short, he was dead set on giving us a tour around Armenia. After we told him we couldn't a few times he just skipped off. But THEN just about 2 minutes later a guy in his mid 20's asked us in English, "Excuse me, What the time is?" We then told him what the time was and he thanked us politely and walked off. At this point we were just waiting for our next encounter. But it wasn't until we were on our way home that we had our last and final encounter. We were walking past a flower shop past a group of boys when one of them said in English and in a Gru voice (you know, off of Despicable Me), "You know, you are very wonderful." We kind of just chuckled and said thank you as we walked past. Then, as I looked back he pointed at us with his finger and said, "I am in love with you." Still in his Gru accent. And that concluded our night as we tried very hard to contain our laughter until we got home. It was quite a night.

What's amazing: The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the true church on the earth today. Wow.

What's weird: So on Saturday night I was informed that I would be singing in church and giving a talk the next day. So that was scary. Sacrament Meetings here are a little less organized than in the states. But we ended up going 15 minutes over so I sang but I didn't end up giving a talk. Phew!!! I sang a duet with Elder Sarafian of A Child's Prayer in Armenian. It actually turned out really great!

So church was just all around amazing yesterday. So many of our district's investigators came to church. And our closing hymn was so beautiful and it touched so many of the members that people were in tears. And I think the 2nd councelor in the bishopric just panicked when he saw people crying, because after the hymn was done he got up and told a super lame joke. UGH. I could just feel my investigator shifting in his seat next to me. So lame. But he still wanted to meet after church so I guess he wasn't too turned off. Yay!

Man, the Lord really is hastening His work. We are seeing so many little miracles each week. It's incredible.

Side thought (something that I've discovered since being here): I have never missed my family less but loved them more since I've been here. I love my family more than words can express. And family, after all, is at the very center of this beautiful Plan. And all we have to do is keep the commandments and repent when needed and He'll work out the rest. So simple. Not always easy. But always so simple.

I love you so much!!

Love, Sister Kuykendall

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