Monday, June 23, 2014

kittens and Russian milk lady

Hi momma.

So here's my week in a nutshell:

Yay: So our investigator gets baptized this Saturday (28th). She is quite the character. She is very loud and might have a small case of ADHD x100 but she is ready to enter the waters of baptism. We are very excited.

Kittens: So I think I mentioned before, but there are wild cats and dogs everywhere. So ouside of our shank (building) that we live in there is like a little pile of hay and this little family of kittens lives there with their momma. I have a video that I am going to try to send. Too cute for words. Like I die a little everytime I see them because my companion won't let me steal them. She's the worst. But not really, she's actually the best.

Russian Milk Lady: I don't remember if I talked about this last week or not. So every morning we go running down Tigran Metts and we always see this russian lady probably no less than 78 years old carrying these milk pales somewhere. We don't speak russian and she only knows russian so everytime we try to help she just protests in russian. But this morning she finally let us!! It was so great!!! We soon discovered why she wouldn't let us help her the previous times. It wasn't that she didn't want the help, it was more that she knew that we wouldn't be able to carry it. She would carry 1 in each hand. But she motioned for us to share the weight of just one while she carried the other. (we take what we can get as missionaries) IT WAS SO HEAVY!!!!! Each of those pails that she was carrying in each hand weighed at least 50-60 lbs each. The people here are so strong its ridiculous.

Fat: So I'm getting fat. The Armenians don't know what the word no is when it comes to food. Sometimes when I actually think I might just puke on their table I have to tell them aggressively that I don't want it. They get really sad when you don't eat their whole 5 gallon pot of cilantro/mushroom/mystery soup. I've never been fatter. The Armenians tell me so.

Spiritual: We had our first lesson the other day with a lady that we met at the park. She is a super nice lady so we were really excited to start teaching her. I started to teach a first and before I even finished saying, "We are His children" She started telling us about how no one has seen Jesus. It was so random because 1.I hadn't even mentioned Jesus yet and 2. She had invited us over to learn more about our church. Or so we thought. As politely as I could I told her that if she wanted to learn from us that she would need to listen patiently and try not argue with everything we say. She agreed and I proceded on with the lesson. I told her that God loves her and she immediately cut in again saying how wrong I was because of how hard her life is. At this point I was about to jump out the window behind me. But I took a breath. I then said a quick prayer in my head, looked at her and bore my testimony. I told her that even though life is hard God knows her and loves her very much. I bore testimony of everything I believed to be true. She didn't interupt me one time. I remembered every vocab word I wanted. She watched me intently and when I was done she didn't say anything. We then asked her to read the BOM and pray about it. I gave her a BOM and told her to call us if she wanted to learn more. I don't know when or if she will call us. I don't know what she felt if she did feel anything. But I do know that the Lord loosed my tongue and inspired me to say the things that I said.

I'm out of time to email. But I love you!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Kuykendall

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