Monday, August 11, 2014

Great family

So this past week everything fell through. We had appointments lined up with members, investigators and less actives and all week they fell through. We were so devastated. But as we were walking yesterday we started talking to a tatik and her grandkids. She eventually invited us in and we did how to begin teaching points. Her hars then came in and we taught most of a first to all of them. Some how it got brought up that the husband is agains the church so we got a little nervous. Right as they said that, he walked in the door. He came in and sat down and started to kind of pick at us a little bit. And then the tatik and hars started defending us! We had to go shortly after that. But the dad was joking and laughing with us by the time we left and we think that we won him over. They are a great family. We have another lesson with them tonight so we will see how that goes. Anyway, that lesson made the whole week worth it.

Today we got locked out of our apartment (typical Armenian missionary problems :)) We went and got our groceries and then went home to put them away and our key wouldn't work. We called our landlord who is a recent convert and then we waited outside our appartment for like 45 minutes surrounded by our groceries snacking on anything we could for fear of starving... and then he finally came. He couldn't get the door open either so he ran down the stairs and then came back up with a hammer. And then the most Armenian thing happened: he just hammered in the door. I mean, it worked. The door opened after a few swings at it. But now we need to get our door repaired. I thought it was hilarious but I think sister was a little annoyed..

So I just wanted to say that sometimes email time stresses me out because there are so many people that I love that I would love to write long emails to but time is very limited. So I hope no one is offended when I don't send very detailed emails. I love you all so much and appreciate and feel all of your support. I wish so badly that I had the time to email everyone.

Love, Sister K.

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