Monday, August 18, 2014

Lamb chops

This week was a great week!

Sister L: So I'm really sad that I cannot say names. But our Branch Presidents mother is the person that I will refer to as L. Mom, I have always felt your love for me. I've never doubted your love. But..... This lady might love me more than you do. Let me explain myself: when she sees us she says, "My sweet dear! My little doll! My kitten! My cherry! Oh, I will eat you up! There is not a candy in the candy shop sweeter than you! I love you!!" All the while she is pinching my cheeks and kissing me and hugging me and I'm never quite sure if I'll make it out alive. I love her!
She just has the BIGGEST heart and I know that she is going straight to the Celestial Kingdom.

Locked out: Yes, again. This time the lock wouldn't just hammer in easily like last time. How many Armenians does it take to break in a door? Well, apparently 1 and 10 to stand by and watch. It took a good couple hours to hammer the darn lock in again. But we finally got in. And the solution to the gaping hole that is now in our door is....a bandaid.

Lamb: So we were at our missionary coordination meeting with our Branch President and the elders when two girls from our ward walk in. Our BP said, "These girls just slaughtered a lamb and you are going to buy 4 lbs of it." I guess you could say that our Branch President thinks that we have a lot more money than we actually do. So we now have 6000 dram worth of bloody lamb in our freezer. Bless his heart.

Investigators: We have picked up 2 families and 2 couples in this past week! We are so excited! The two coulples are especially exciting because the men are awesome and we could use a few more strong preisthood holders in our little branch right now. I can count right now on one finger how many priesthood holders don't have a word of wisdom problem in our branch. So this will be great!

Love, Sister Mads

P.S. Don't forget to pray! And read your scriptures! And go to church! Those are all commandments you know, not just suggestions :)
Fruit drying season
Wool beating season

count carefully

One of the surprise pictures my comp took

On our way to Kate's old companion's house
Long day - so pathetic
This picture is one of my favorites - so middle eastern looking
P-day hike to an old church

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