Monday, January 12, 2015

Back in Charentsavan!

So we had real life transfers on Friday. And drum roll.....I'm back in Charentsavan!!! I'm so happy! It's a little bit like we're white washing it though because I was in Ajabnyak for 2 and a half weeks and there were no sisters at all in Char for that time. So now we're back here with a clean board doing lots of finding and visiting members. I can't wait till we're able to get things picked up here. It's slow work right now but I know we have so many miracles waiting for us in the upcoming 3 months.

Adorable Companion:
I have a brand new companion from Hawaii. She is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen. She is so brave and really puts herself outside of her comfort zone. She is already such a great missionary. Because of that I've spent a lot of time on my knees lately. It's hard not to feel really inadequate when you feel so much love for someone. I know that with the Lord's help I'll be able to be what He needs me to be. I love her so much and I know this transfer is about to be awsome!

Same Page:
Sister F and I are pretty much always on the same wave-length. It's great. We were going to one last appointment before we had to be in for the night when we came accross A. We chatted with her while we walked for a minute until we had to split ways. Sister F and I didn't communicate this until after but we both had such heavy hearts as we watched her walk away and thought if we see her again that it would be meant to be. Our next appointment wasn't home so we started to make our way home when we saw A again. We both got really excited and kind of jogged to catch up to her. She told us she would love it if we came over sometime! We' haven't made it over there yet but we're both so excited that the spirit worked with us both.

I love this gospel with all my heart. I know it is true. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't positive about that. Call me crazy, but there is no other thing that I would rather be doing right now than walking down these freezing, slippery streets here in Armenia trying to share the most important message there is.
I love my family and I love the indescribable joy that I get from this gospel. I've never been happier. The church is true. I promise.

Sister Mads

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