Monday, January 19, 2015

Miracles, drain problems and bronchitis


I really can't believe that kate get's home in 9 days. I feel kind of sad. Not sad...just.. I want to be there. I miss her a lot.
Please please send so many pictures!

Miracles: We went to visit a member (A) last night who hasn't be active for probably a year. We sat down and started talking and got on the topic of why she doesn't come to church. She said she had been offended and that it was better that she didn't go to church at all than to go and be offended again. Obviously our next step was to explain to her the purpose of church and the reason why we go to church. As we started to talk the door opened and another lady (S) walked in that I had never met before but knew she wasn't a member. We introduced ourselves and she sat down as we went on with our lesson. As A went on about how she was offended S looked at her like she was being a silly child and said, "I'm not a member of your church, but being offended shouldn't keep you from going to church!" They both listened intently as Sister F bore a powerful testimony in her broken Armenian. And then we both talked about the importance of church and the sacrament. I thought the answer would be no but I decided to give it a shot anyway and asked A if she would commit to coming to just Sacrament meeting each week to take the sacrament. SHe looked at us and quietly said,"Yes, I know that's what I need to do." My heart melted. THe spirit was so strong Sister F and both agreed that we could almost physically feel it. We then asked if we could pray before we left and S asked us if we would pray for her relative. She had tears in her eyes as she asked. I closed the meeting with prayer asking God to bless her sick relative. We said amen and S was still crying. We asked if she would like us to visit her some time. I've never heard a quicker 'yes' during my whole mission. We gave her a second pamphlet to read before our next visit. She took it and pressed it to her heart. Sister F and I left feeling like we weighed nothing at all.

Drain problems and best elders: So starting last Sunday anytime we ran our kitchen sink all of this stuff in our pipes (food, mystery things) would come up our shower drain. It was super gross. We have absolutely the best elders ever and so they came over and tried to fix it (they didn't, to much of both our frustrations). But the best part of it was that they were singing the entire time. We stood outside our appartment the entire time (missionary rules) while they tried to fix our drain. I wish we could send videos home because we have the most darling video of them singing wilst plumbing.

Bronchitis: Ain't nobody got time for that!- So starting last Monday I was really not feeling well. Tuesday I was coughing like no one's business. Wednesday I had no voice and I had gotten no sleep. I kept feeling and sounding worse and worse so like a good missionary I called the Mission President's wife and soon found out that I have bronchitis. They gave me antibiotics. I didn't even think bronchitis was a thing. But turns out it is a very real thing. Unpleasant thing too. I feel mostly bad for sister F that she gets to listen to me hack up my lungs evey 5 minutes all day long.

I love you!!
After we cleaned it!

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