Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cherry picking

Dear family,

So lately we've been trying to pick up one of our member's sister L as an investigator. She's super sassy but really nice. She's one of the cool kids and is a little TOO cool for school :). We have had progress though. She actually really likes us coming over to play games and we always sneak in a little lesson. She's a really nice girl and I know she'll come around eventually. Just maybe not this transfer.
V is one of our investigators. She is 16 years old but she is so mature and LOVES learning from us. She has so many questions! It's really great! She called us the other day and asked us if we would bring another BOM next time we came because her brother wants one. I guess he walked in on her reading it and asked her about it. She was a good little missionary and told him about it and he asked if he could have one. We're so stoked!! The sad part is that he leaves for the army soon. :( Their mom and younger sister also ask really good questions. We always invite the whole family to listen and they're all really great.

Last night we were not sure what to do. Our last appointment for the night had fallen through but we didn't want to just walk around. We said a little prayer to know where the Lord needed us to go. We then found out at church from one of our members that one of our former investigators's sons had just committed suicide the previous day. She really wanted us to come visit her so we arranged to go over with our member that night to pay our condolences. We were a bit nervous because it's a little bit of a fragile situation and we didn't want to mess anything up. We got to her house and walked into the living room and found 12 women all wearing black from ages 30-80. When we walked in, the 5 women that already knew us from previous visits immediately said, "These are those darling girls we were telling you about! They're from America. They speak Armenian better than we do! Ask them questions!" So Sister B and I found ourselves on different sides of the room teaching multiple groups of ladies about why we were here. They had so many questions about where their relative would go because he committed suicide. They asked about the after life and what our views were on it. We gave them our number and told them where our church was. They couldn't stop talking about how amazing and courageous and mature we were as we were leaving. We left with lipstick all over our cheeks. We felt good leaving a group of 12 mourning women with a little bit more hope in their hearts. We are just praying that they will find peace and comfort.

Well this church is true. As soon as I made that realization my life got 100 times better. I don't think it's a coincidence. If you don't know for yourself that this is the way to happiness, give it a try. There is a saying in Armenia that translated says this,"a try doesn't bring a trial." I love this gospel so much. I love my Savior, my Heavenly Father and my family. I have seen the difference that the gospel makes in lives and I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T just try it. Just try and see if it could be true. Because I KNOW it is and I've never been happier.

I love you!!!
-Sister Kuykendall

Cherry Picking 

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